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Here there be Bookwyrms

Shhh... Dragons reading

The Bookwyrms' Lair
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A little reading community. We read, we track the books we read, we post about books, we discuss books... Basically, if it's about books, it goes!

It disheartens me to even need to put up a rules section but lately, I've been seeing a lot of things happening on other book communities that I do not want to happen over here. Hence this section. Basically, it boils down to something you should have learned in grade school: use your manners and common sense.

1. NO TROLLING. I cannot emphasize this one enough. Any behavior that I consider to be "trollish" will result in an automatic ban from the community. This includes but is not limited to: flaming, disabling comments, and deleting comments.
2. This is not your private LJ and please do not treat it like such.
3. Be respectful of other members. This does not, however, give you the right to demand special treatment from members if you're being a jerk or an idiot.
4. Keep your posts on-topic.
5. No community promotion posts. These will be deleted. It is okay to link to another community in your post (ex: "Crossposted at...").
6. Please use correct spelling and grammar as much as you can in posts and comments. This is a literary community after all!

Members will be banned at my discretion if their behavior consistently breaks rules or is just downright offensive. If you see something that you think needs my attention but I haven't done anything, please e-mail me (silentrequiem).